Water Sports Equipment



Durable and long lasting inflatable water obstacle challenge anchored to the seafloor. Able to host big games and super fun for the family. Obstacles can be configured to suit your need and space. Flexible budget according to the size of the water sports park you want to create. Fast revenue activity for hotels & resorts.


Ever fancied walking on water? Well almost... this activity investment appeals to family groups and kids. Participants go into the water cylinder to "walk on water", just like my hamster at home exercising on his wheel. Super fun and hilarious for family gatherings.


Adrenaline pumping activity for any water sports centre. I personally have tried almost all water propulsion ride like these and I can safely say, this could be the easiest of the lot. Which means Jetovator is ideal for any water sports centre to invest in. It generates returning and gives participants a sense of achievement that they are able to "fly" the machine! Words go out fast when your customer is happy and excited on what they have tried. In fact, all water sports centre should have this as your marketing icon activity as well. Best investment ever...!!!


Probably the most popular water propulsion fly ride around. This machine is relatively harder to pick up from the Jetovator but it offers more types of stunts that one can do. Also, given the level of difficulty, players want to come back to do more. Also an excellent iconic activity for any water sports centre. Helps to increase interest and awareness of your water sports centre.


Think jetski or a racing bike but this machine enables you to go underwater!!! Super fast speed to travel on water surfaces and able to dive into the water, where the sea breecher will eventually jump out of the water like the many videos and photos you see. Able to do rolls and travel at extreme fast speed. Seats one pilot and one passenger.


We sell hard case and also inflatable kayaks for all purposes. Whether it is for resort / hotel use or personal hobby, we have it all.


One of the most widely available paddling sport, alternative to the traditional kayaking / canoeing. Stand Up Paddle requires coordination and balancing on the board. Beginners can start by doing knee paddling before standing up. Different length of boards suit different build.


We deal and sell scuba equipment as well. We have low maintenance and affordable equipment for rental purposes and also high end personalised equipment for individuals. Currently also holding a used Poseidon Rebreather for sale at a good deal. Enquire to find out more.


If you are just starting out on a water sports centre, based on any part of the world - we can help you. WOW Consultants had started many water sports centre in various parts of the world and we know just what type of activities will suit your clientele. Have a chat with you and we can advise you on the equipment to get for your operations.