Inflatable Games



Get inside a plastic ball and roll down a slope or play a game of human bowling with your friends! This sport originated from New Zealand and we have been running it in Singapore, by the name of ZOVB for almost 10 years now. Players get into the ball, either strapped or free-form, and they will get to roll down a slope in those balls and attempt to walk back up again. This is the best activity for golf courses or resorts with large green spaces. Cheap to acquire and generate huge income with lots of visibility from neighbours. Easy operation and training is provided.


Fancy walking on water or performing a dance in one of these balls? The Water ZOVB balls for best suited for pool games where players get into the balls and try to move themselves across the pool. Ideal for parties and pool side get-togethers and super easy to operate. Everything can be contained in a car and a perfect summer program with very low investment cost. Enquire now...


One of the most hilarious looking sport on planet Earth! The primary idea is for players get into the balls and attempt to bump each other. Through that, you can do lots of different types of sports in these BLOOP balls like soccer, wrestling, dog & bone etc... Can be played indoors or outdoors and ideal for family bonding, colleague office day out etc. Low investment cost and lots of fun to generate quick income for your establishment.