VR & AR Technology


VR Gaming Equipment

Through the years, we have been monitoring the development of VR Technologies, in terms of games and attractions. We know what is best for your venue and your type of customer demographics. VR Technology is developing so fast that you want to be sure you are getting the latest and most fun for your target crowd. We will be able to advise the equipment and softwares to get at your point of enquiry. The last thing you want is to spend tons of money on a white elephant that is out-dated in 3 months. Talk to us to develop your next VR/AR attraction!


Robotics is the up and coming thing for all sectors and industries. However, what we are focused on is for the purpose of robotics classes and programming experience for kids and youths. We gathered robots from all around the world and research on them to develop curriculum, easy to pick up & interesting for children between 7 to 16 years old. Create your new sector of robotics lab with us! We sell and distribute the robots, together with the lessons & material to teach with. Find out more...

AR Gaming Technology

AR Gaming Technologies

Different between VR and AR is the interaction with your natural environment. For AR technology, we bring you real life Street Fighter Games Series and also the Mario-Kart Brothers. We bring out a virtual world in your natural world to create interesting fun attractions using the AR Technology. One of the few multi-players AR attraction you can find in the world. Develop your next VR/AR attraction with us now. Find out more by enquiring through our website!